Deadline to Register: May 20, 2018.

You must register to attend Research Day even if you can only join us for a portion of the day’s activities.


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All Research Day registrants will receive an eBooklet via email prior to June 7th. As part of the Department's "green" initiative, we will no longer provide hardcopies of the Research Day booklet.


All Research Day registrants will receive a boxed lunch consisting of a sandwich OR salad, bag of chips or pretzels, fresh fruit, and cookie and a drink.  Please select one of the following options:


If you wish to participate in a roundtable discussion during the lunch hour, you must register in advance by ranking your preferences below and receive an email confirmation of your roundtable assignment. You will receive an email from our office by June 4, 2018 regarding the status of your request and – if assigned to a roundtable – details regarding your assignment. We will do our best to accommodate your request, but please note seating is limited to 8-9 participants at each roundtable.

Select up to three Roundtable topics from the list below. Indicate your preference by using the dropdown menu and mark your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice. If you do not want to be considered for a Roundtable, click on the appropriate box below.

Roundtable 1:  Mentorship 101:  How to Be a Successful Mentee in Clinical Research
Facilitator(s):  Brant Hasler, PhD and Rebecca Price, PhD

Roundtable 2:  Mentorship 101:  How to Be a Successful Mentee in Translational Research
Facilitator(s):  Mary Torregrossa, PhD and Ken Fish, PhD

Roundtable 3:  Mentorship 201:  Tips for Successful Mentoring
Facilitator(s):  Howard Aizenstein, MD, PhD and Bea Luna, PhD

Roundtable 4:  Transitioning from Postdoc to Faculty
Facilitator(s):  Hermi Woodward and Paul Pilkonis, PhD

Roundtable 5:  Writing “Killer” Specific Aims for Clinical Research
Facilitator(s):  David Brent, MD and Stephanie Stepp, PhD

Roundtable 6:  Writing “Killer” Specific Aims for Translational Research
Facilitator(s):  Daniel Buysse, MD

Roundtable 7:  Emerging Technologies and Wearable Devices
Facilitator(s):  Greg Siegle, PhD

Roundtable 8:  Dissemination and Implementation Research
Facilitator(s):  Tina Goldstein, PhD and Jordan Karp, MD

Roundtable 9:  Commercializing Research Findings
Facilitator(s):  Anne Germain, PhD

Roundtable 10:  Fostering Collaborations to Advance Yours and Other Research Programs
Facilitator(s):  Alison Hipwell, PhD and Nadine Melhem, PhD

I am not requesting a Roundtable assignment

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