Welcome to the Girls’ Interactions In Real Life: Brain Development Study Screening Survey. Dr. Jennifer Silk and Dr. Cecile Ladouceur and their research team at the University of Pittsburgh are conducting a research study to learn about girls’ emotions and social interactions. This is a longitudinal study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health. The study spans the course of 3 years and involves being interviewed by a trained researcher about moods and behaviors, participating in several computerized tasks during an fMRI brain scan, completing a home-based daily survey on study-provided smartphones and answering questions on the computer. Girls who take part in this study and their families will be compensated for participation.


Why is this screening survey being done?
We are recruiting new participants for this research study.
You are being asked to be screened (by completing this survey) to see if you might qualify for this research study.
You are not being asked now to participate in our study. You are only being asked at this time if you want to answer certain questions to see if you might qualify to participate.
Completing this screening survey does not guarantee that you will be recruited into our study and it does not require you to participate in one of our health and wellness research studies.
Who is being asked to take part in this screening survey?
Girls ages 11-13 and a parent are being asked to participate in this study.
What are you being asked to do as part of this screening?
If you decide to take part in this online screening, you will complete a 5 minute survey. This survey will ask you basic demographic information as well as several questions about your daughter’s emotions and degree of shyness.
Your answers to these screening survey questions will be used to determine if you are eligible for this research study.
After completing the survey, we will ask you if you are interested in your daughter being considered to participate in this research study.
What will you receive if you participate in this screening survey?
You will not receive anything for participating in this survey. However, if you and your daughter qualify and participate in the research study, you and your daughter will be compensated for your time.

Is your participation in this screening voluntary?
Your participation in the screening survey is completely voluntary.
You do not have to complete this survey if you do not want to, you can skip any questions that you do not wish to answer or are uncomfortable answering, and you may stop at any time.
Who will know that you participated in this screening survey?
If you decide to complete the survey, only Drs. Silk and Ladouceur and their research staff will know that you participated in this survey.
No one will know your answers to this screening survey except for the research team. Your answers to the screening questions will be kept confidential and will be kept separate from your name and contact information. .

Would you like to continue and complete the screening survey?

I would like to continue to determine my daughter’s preliminary eligibility for this study